The Axion Network is one of the most audited blockchain projects in the space.

Here we will discuss and analyze the security of the Axion Network, and its smart contracts on the Ethereum Network.

Security of the network and contract functions are the most important things to be certain of. In the blockchain and crypto space, billions of dollars every year are lost to not only scams, but bad unaudited code as well. While the scams are simpler to spot out (if you’re web-savvy), buggy and unaudited code is more difficult to find, especially for those that are not educated in solidity smart contract code development, and general software development both in and outside…

Time-locked certificate(s) of deposit on the blockchain with incredibly high interest. Built to serve the people.

Axion is an emerging global monetary system designed to increase the purchasing power of the network participants- as per the whitepaper. The network offers an incredibly lucrative investment opportunity, with returns expected to outperform just about every traditional and cryptocurrency investment currently available. To better understand how the Axion Network offers this, let’s break it down into the aforementioned investment categories:


It is important to understand what a certificate of deposit (CD) is, since Axion’s investment product is the crypto equivalent of a CD. A certificate of deposit (CD) is a product traditionally offered by banks, brokerages, and credit…

Axion Network

The Axion Network is a high-interest yielding certificate of deposit system on the Ethereum blockchain. The network ensures maximum security and profitability.

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