Axion Token Value Jumps 42%

With The Introduction Of A New Token Sell-Tax In March 2022

Axion Sell-Tax Helps To Improve Token Value and Stakeholder Confidence
Investor confidence leads to sell pressure easing in March 2022

As we come to the end of the month, Axion has seen significant buying pressure return after several well-received announcements were presented to stakeholders, having a direct impact on its staking platform and tokenomic strategy.

In their Youtube Livestream earlier this month, the newly formed Axion Taskforce presented their detailed vision for 2022 as outlined in their 5-Year Masterplan below, recapping some exciting developments and improvements to the Axion ecosystem as well as their execution plan.

The Axion 5 Year Masterplan has been developed by the Axion Taskforce to help guide the tokenomics of their ecosystem over the next few years.
Axion Taskforce 5 Year Masterplan

After the presentation, we briefly summarized some of the items introduced to the community here on Medium through our last post and we’re excited to report, many of the changes implemented have already started to improve investors’ confidence as illustrated in this screenshot.

Axion sees a 42% increase it its token value after presenting their vision for 2022 and beyond.
Axion Token Value Jumps 42% In March

Moving forward and throughout the next few weeks, we will continue our efforts to deliver on each of these exciting changes, additions, and the opportunities presented. We also committed to breaking everything down into more detail through additional posts, and that’s exactly what we intend to do, starting here.

So, what exactly has everyone so excited you ask? Well, it might seem a little bizarre to some and counterintuitive at first glance but let’s dive into it and see if we can help everyone understand what it is that has stakeholders buzzing again.

When it comes to taxes, I can’t imagine anyone is a fan. I certainly never was. I mean, who likes to have any of their wealth or hard-earned money taken away from them right? Well, in spite of this shared understanding, the Taskforce came to the conclusion that it would not only help improve investor confidence, it would also most certainly help improve the value of Axion, and it has. Just look at the chart for March and you will see.

As promised in the Livestream presentation, a proposal to increase this tax and make it permanent was launched from within the Axion Staking Portal and stakeholders were given a chance to vote on what changes, if any, should be made. As the voting concluded, it was clear to the team that the majority of those stakeholders who voted wanted to increase the sell-tax to its maximum 10%. That increase was added to the tokenomics yesterday.

In our next article, I will break down the benefits of having this sell tax and how we believe it will ultimately help to improve the overall value of Axion and ensure the future success of each new feature we intend to launch over the coming year.

Be sure to follow us here on Medium, come hang out with us on Discord, join us for Axion Fridays on Telegram, and follow us on Twitter so you can keep up with all of those things we plan to share and digest over the next few months.

In the meantime, if you have not already enjoyed our recent Axion Launch promotional video. You can check it out here!

Cheers everyone and remember, “We’re Just Getting Started!”

Submitted By James McFadden — a.k.a Metal on Discord
A member of the Axion Advisory Council



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