Nocco Partners With Axion As Its Official Cryptocurrency

*Creates New Flavor To Celebrate Union

STOCKHOLM SWEDEN —April 1st, 2022 — “We are excited to bring a new flavor to the Nocco Family” Noitan Obrac, the head of Brand Solutions for Nocco announced.

*Axion announcement is for entertainment purposes only. It’s April 1st silly!

Axion is excited to report it has partnered with the popular drink Nocco as a way to leverage its high-energy solution for the Axion ecosystem.

Nocco has been a fan-favorite energy drink of Axion Developers and team members since the launch of the Axion token, just over a year ago.

“Nocco helps us keep sharp and on our toes when working with the amazing community members in our Axion Discord Channel,” Pullen said as he cracked a can of Nocco open. “We expect this to bring significant awareness of the Axion Brand to the huge community of Nocco drinkers worldwide,” he continued.

With the introduction of its new flavor, Bali Blueberry, Nocco will become the first high energy drink in the world to partner with a cryptocurrency company. “We are in the process of introducing a special NFT to highlight this exciting partnership with Axion” Noitan added. “Each new can of Bali Blueberry will have a unique QR code on the back that drinkers can scan for a chance to win one of our exclusive NFTs.”

Axion April Fools Day Prank
Nocco announces Bali Blueberry as its premier new flavor.

Axion is a widely-held cryptocurrency based on the more traditional Certificate of Deposit. It is one of the largest staking tokens available to enthusiasts, allowing users to purchase the token and stake it in return for high APYs in the native token, plus additional dividends in the form of Bitcoin. To date, over 180 BTC has been paid out to stakers of the token, over $8M USD.

It boasts some of the very best statistics amongst all the staking tokens, with an impressive 75% of the total supply staked, and 48% locked away for the maximum staking duration of 15 years. As well as being a staking ecosystem, it also rewards stakers with exclusive Airdrops, Presales and IDOs.

Axion recently added some exciting features to its staking platform and has enjoyed a 42% increase in its token value since the beginning of the month. Be sure to check out some of our recent announcements and we’ll see you in Bali!

Submitted April 1st, 2022. For Entertainment Purposes Only
*Nocco Is not an official partner with Axion
By James McFadden — a.k.a Metal on Discord

Axion April Fools Day Prank April 1st, 2022
*This article is for entertainment purposes only, Axion has no affiliation with Nocco and Noitan Obrac isn’t a real person, it’s just carbonation spelled backward… Happy April Fools Day Everyone!

Announcement Approved By Pullen



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